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Lipoedema Lifestyle

As told by our members...

'Stories told by our Lipoedema Ladies, their lives, their words, this includes exercising with Lipoedema, diets for Lipoedema, keeping mentally strong with Lipoedema and personal experiences of Lipoedema Treatments.'
The Good, Bad and Ugly side of my liposuction

As told by renee Watters.

When I was 16 I went to spend my summer in Florida. My family had not seen

me for a year and they commented that my legs were looking 'thick' I was a
size 8 on top and 8/10 on the bottom.

The Gift of Lipoedema - Radical Acceptance and Compassion

As told by Catherine Seo.


Radical acceptance can be defined as “Letting go of fighting reality.
Accepting your situation for what it is.” A Zen version is simply, “it is what it is.”

My journey with lipoedema

As told by Claire Band.


After being overweight all my life and having different health problems in 2001 I lost over eight stone by eating a very low fat diet and eating meals that didn't combine carbohydrate and protein. Unfortunately even though I worked out six times a week my legs were still grotesque.

​Positive Mental Attitude

As told by Michelle Ellis Founder of Lipoedema Ladies.


Okay, so there’s no myth that I am a positive person, or at least striving to be one. However, I am aware that I’m not positive all the time. I am continuously working to become conscientious of my choices, thoughts and reactions.


As told by Tatjana van der Krabben of the Netherlands.


In the late summer of 2008 my dermatologist turned out to not only know about lipoedema, but also support liposuction as a treatment. It gave me the courage to proceed with it. After 2 years of searching online I found a doctor I liked, trusted and could afford.


​ From extreme to acceptance by Sam.

I was diagnosed in December 2006 by a Lymphoedema Specialist Physiotherapist. I had been referred to her by my GP surgery after the nurses there thought I had Lymphoedema. The GP had referred me to the nurses within the surgery, not because he was concerned about the shape or size of my legs but because he had previously not bothered to examine a point on my leg where fluid was leaking from and it had now developed into an ulcer!​


Control and Exercise

As told by Renee Watters..

Ladies, as hard as it is to do, I cannot tell you enough to get things moving. Lipoedema can hold you back as much as you allow it to. Exercise holds a big part in being able to control, not cure, but control the condition. You cannot out train a bad diet though, and diet plays an 80% part in your success. No matter how much you can do it all helps.

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