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My journey with lipoedema..

Told by Claire Band.

After being overweight all my life and having different health problems in 2001 I lost over eight stone by eating a very low fat diet and eating meals that didn't combine carbohydrate and protein. Unfortunately even though I worked out six times a week my legs were still grotesque. I went along to my doctor who told me to lose more weight even though I was size ten on top. He did grudgingly refer me to an orthopaedic consultant who did not know what was wrong who then referred me to Alex Munnoch in Dundee who diagnosed me with lipoedema in 2007. He told me there was no treatment and that was it.

I carried on with life got married had two more children and put on weight. I saw a Macmillan nurse now and again but that's been it. I moved to Germany with my husband's job and after having very painful legs one evening researched for new treatment and found clinics in Germany offering tumescent liposuction treatments. I had an initial consultation and was told they have been using this treatment with great success for ten years unfortunately the cost is outwith my means at the moment.

Then I found this Lpoedema Ladies group on Facebook and the wonderful Cara. Through this group I found The RAD diet and this has done wonders for my health. I had been gluten free since March after years of stomach problems but now using the RAD diet I have gone down nearly two dress sizes (don't do scales, too depressing) and have no stomach problems my legs don't feel as painful. Within ten days people said how much slimmer I looked and I felt so much less bloated. It is difficult especially when eating out but the benefits far outweigh this. I work out with weights which means less stress on my joints and this combined with the diet has been so effective.

Thank you so much to the group for the information, support and most of all putting a smile on my face.

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