I have a Positive Mental Attitude!

As told by founder Michelle Ellis...​

Okay, so there’s no myth that I am a positive person, or at least striving to be one. However, I am aware that I’m not positive all the time. I am continuously working to become conscientious of my choices, thoughts and reactions.

I frequently get asked how I manage with my work, three young children, a past that includes depression and my ever present lipo-lymphoedema, the answer is positive thinking, a good husband (and his ever helpful parents), a caring doctor and a crazy sense of humour. Of course I follow the guidelines of lipoedema, I wear the compression, have MLD when it is available to me and I rest my legs up at every opportunity. I have my bloods done every 3 months to check my thyroid and hormone levels as I as have hypothyroidism and I watch what I eat. I have good and bad days the same as everyone else with an illness, but I refuse to let it bring me down or hold me back.

I am not living in dream land with no hold on reality. Nor am I necessarily unrealistic. I am very capable of understanding the reality of a cynic. I choose to just change my mind-set to see the reality from a different perspective. I live by my grandmothers' three rules of ‘If you have a problem and you can change it; Then do it!  If you can’t change it; Log it-bin it and move on!’ and 'Suffer no fools'. These rules really help when faced with a doctor who has never heard of lipoedema or asks if I mean lymphoedema!

It is thanks to my gran Trudy a nurse for 46 years that this website, Lipoedema ladies groups, FatPhrocks and Wingz are here, because without her attitude and nurturing I could be feeling very sorry for myself. I hope to instil this attitude in my own children.

Please click my photo to read about Positive Mental Attitude. A caring doctor is out there.. you just have to find him or her. The good man and crazy humour is optional, but the humour is available in our chat group.