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Hi I'm Laura, I am a health care attorney, with three grandchildren, three childen, including an autistic son. Plus I am blessed with two step children and two step grandchildren. I take care of four horses, three cats and a dog. We live on a small farm and that is just the day jobs. I have no formal training in cooking or nutrition but I study about it and read alot. ​

My mother was an excellent cook and taught us kids about nutrition from an early age. She also experimented a great deal with international recipes. By the time I was a young teenager, I was cooking for our family of eight two nights a week.

I learned to substitute in recipes to exchange ingredients that family members were allergic to, and to substitute less expensive ingredients or in season ingredients if those officially called for in recipes were unavailable.

I had to cut out alot of foods from my diet when I developed food sensitivities caused by Ehlers Danlos (many bouts of diverticulitis ,resulting in a colon resection in 2011.) My doctor had ordered an ALCAT test which tested for food sensitivities. When I cut out the long listofoffending foods, and eliminated gluten, my inflammation levels were lowered. I cut out all sweeteners a few years ago, to eliminate a full bodysystemic yeast infection which had plagued me for decades.


I will not personally post any recipe that I have not tried, so my recipes
may be limited in scope.  For example, I can no longer eat any coconut or
peppers or corn or ginger, and many lippy ladies love them and they are
filled with good for you nutrients, but I cannot eat them. 
Feel free to add these t the recipes or variations that you can eat and enjoy.

Introducing Laura Sunstein-Murphy of Laura's Kitchen

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