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Exercise and Motivation

You know that you want to look and feel fitter and healthier. You know that you will feel better after a workout, yet you just can't bridge the gap between lying on the sofa, thinking about exercise and actually doing it.

Exercising with Lipoedema and Hypermobilty
Lipoedema and the high occurrence of Hypermobility in sufferers means a happy medium has to be found between gaining a good fitness level & keeping mobile and the greater risk of injury & ensuring you don't find exercising painful.​
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​Don't know if you have Hypermobility? Click this link for the basic breighton test and more useful information...

Renee Waters​ Lipoedema Lady and Head Honcho at Body Fit Promotions

Ladies, as hard as it is to do, I cannot tell you enough to get things moving. Lipoedema can hold you back as much as you allow it to.

Exercise holds a big part in being able to control, not cure, but control the condition.

You cannot out train a bad diet though, and diet plays an 80% part in your success.

No matter how much you can do it all helps.

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Water magic...Get fit and soothe your symptoms with a water workout by Sharie Fetzer of Lipoedema UK


Early results from Lipoedema UK’s Big Survey show that exercising in water is oneof the most beneficial activities for people with lipoedema.



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