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Lipoedema and Hypermobility Exercises

​Lipoedema and the high occurrence of Hypermobility in sufferers means a happy medium has to be found between gaining a good fitness level & keeping mobile and the greater risk of injury & ensuring you don't find exercising painful.​

Why Exercise?

More energy to sustain the events of the day, Improved circulation, Stabilisation of blood pressure, Improved kidney function, Improved posture, Increased muscle strength, Improved sleep patterns, Stabilisation of blood sugar levels, Improved concentration and improved mental function, Increased ability to cope with stress, Faster recovery from illness and injury,Improved heart and lung function, Prevention of diseases, Better digestion and it makes you feel good !

Remember it is always advisable to consult your doctor or consultant before commencing an exercise programme.






Which Exercise?


Swimming or Aqua therapy is THE BEST for Lipoedema Ladies. If you have a dog you have the best reason to partake in another Lip friendly exercise, walking.

For Hypermobilty and the pain associated with it exercises to improve your core strength is the minimum that all ladies should do. You can add on more physical strength and aerobic exercise (also known as cardio). if you are physically able to.

So the minimum core exercises can be covered with Yoga, Pilates and movements that one can incorporate into everyday life (Similar to doing your pelvic floor exercises). You can buy DVDs, join classes or follow online instructions like those linked to the photo or on this link..

Please Note: Impact Exercises such as running and step aerobics are best avoided and not recommended by the medical Lipoedema team at St.Georges in London.


Who to Exercise with?


You know that you want to look and feel fitter and healthier. You know that you will feel better after a workout, yet you just can't bridge the gap between lying on the sofa. The problem for many of us is that exercise is not a habit or routine but an obligation or a chore and for that reason is readily pushed off the agenda. "The hard part about getting fit is starting," says Amelia Watts, an exercise coach. "Once you get into a rhythm of regular exercise, it becomes a habit and you just get on with it."

Phone a friend "A workout buddy gives you a moral obligation to turn up, introduces an element of rivalry to push you harder and offers feedback, support and fun,"Stimulation and variety help. "Working out on your own all the time is not a recipe for success," says Karageorghis, a reader in sport psychology at Brunel University "A training partner fulfils a basic human need for socialisation."​

If you can';t get a friend - Get a gadget Equipment that allows you to monitor your progress - such as heart rate monitors, pedometers and the Nike + Sports Kit (which monitors pace and distance) can help. Research by the Walking the Way to Health Initiative found that people who wore pedometers over a 12-week period ended up walking an extra 1,000 steps daily

Get minted As far-fetched as it might seem, research in the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology found that sniffing peppermint resulted in increased running speed, handgrip strength and number of push-ups performed in a test.

You an always report on your exercising with the Lipoedema Ladies on the Lipoedema Ladies forum, here you will find women in the same boat paddling the best they can also. And last but not least....

Bribe yourself "Token reward systems work well," says Karageorghis. "Set yourself rewards for achieving stages you have set yourself along the way."




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