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How to dress chic for a summer party...

Written for lipoedema Ladies by Best-Selling Author of 'How to be Chic & Elegant' Marie-Anne Lecoeur

How To Be Chic & Elegant At A Summer Party: Pear Shapes

We all want to look our best every day, but even more so when we go out. This is the time of year when we get invited to all sorts of summer parties. Whether at the beach, restaurant, friends’ house or even the humble BBQ, we want to make sure that we are both comfortable and chic. If choosing an outfit that fulfils these criteria wasn’t tricky enough, we also have to take our shape into account.
For pear shaped women, the upper body is smaller than the hips, bottom and thighs. The best thing to do is emphasize the smallest parts and take attention away from the widest parts of the body.
In this article, you will find two easy looks that can take you to any party this summer, with either a dress or trousers.

1. The dress look


The power of the dress is not to be underestimated. With a flattering dress, you instantly look well groomed and elegant. Once you know which styles to go for, the rest is easy.

• Maxi
A maxi dress will cover your problem areas and is extremely comfortable as the fabric flows over your lower body all the way to your feet, without restraint. Choose one with a sexy neckline, such as the halter neck, one-shoulder or strapless, in order to keep attention to your top half.

A very flattering style for pears is the empire-waist. This style emphasizes the slimmest part of the pear shape: the torso, shoulders and arms and covers your problem areas, which are the hips, bottom and thighs.  Go for diagonal stripes as a slimming pattern, although not easy to find.

Flower motifs are popular prints on maxi dresses, so choose a large pattern if you are a plus size or a smaller motif if you are smaller,, in order to keep it all in proportion.

• Knee length

If showing your legs below the knee is not a problem for you, a ‘just below the knee’ dress is another chic option.
Choose dresses which show off your slim waist and your upper area at its best.
V- necks or other plunging necklines and detailing, such as buttons and patterns, will attract the eye to your slim upper half. The skirt needs to flow over your hips and thighs and not be tight and constrictive.


Belts in a contrasting colour will accentuate your slim waist and will do wonders for your shape.

2. The trouser look


If you are more of a trouser girl, choose them in a light and cool fabric, such as linen.
Go for long and wide legged styles. These will instantly add inches to your height and lengthen your legs when worn with heels.

An ironed pleat will visually lengthen the leg and point to your beautifully manicured toes. Ensure that you pick a flat-fronted waistline to flatter your tummy area.As your trousers will be plain, you can really push the envelope with your top instead.

Remember that only your top should have detailing to attract all the attention to your upper half.

Go for sexy necklines, as mentioned earlier: halter necks, plunging V necks, one- or off-the shoulder or strapless.
Choose tops in light or bright colours and patterns.
You will find that long tops, tunics or short dresses are ideal with these trousers.

3. Accessories & Shoes


Wedges or platforms will bring both comfort and height and will be perfect with trousers and dresses.

Make an entrance with statement jewellery, if wearing a plain colored top.

If the party is outside, wear a wide brimmed hat: this will widen the silhouette at the top and bring balance to your body. The glamour factor of this accessory is definitely a ten!

The above outfits are easy to find on the High Street and put together. One maxi dress, one knee-length dress and one pair of linen trousers can be your basics for the summer. Add different tops and accessories to change the look, from casual to dressy.

The only thing left for you to do now is enjoy your party!

Marie-Anne Lecoeur has kindly written this piece especially for

Lipoedema Ladies. Marie-Anne Lecoeur is the author of How to be Chic and Elegant, her first ebook is an Amazon best seller.

She came to Jersey when she was 20 years old and has lived there ever since. She is married and has two sons, a stepson, an American bulldog called Indie and a chihuahua by the name of Coco.

Her new ebook ‘How To Be Chic & Elegant: Pear Shape Daywear Mini-Guide’ is out today. You will find the key principles to your pear shape problems herein.

Please click the book cover to purchase the book (£1.27) and Marie's photo to find out more about her other work.


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