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Sharie Fetzer & The Lipoedema Survey

Sharie Fetzer herself a lovely Lipoedema Lady and the author of the Lipoedema Questionnaire, took to the floor with her own heartfelt personal story and an update on the world’s first Lipoedema Survey that is being carried out with LipoedemaUK and the support of the LSN.

It was great to meet so many other  lipoedema ladies at the big meet.   I hope my presentation showed how Lipoedema UK's Big Survey is the first time anyone has attempted to get some real statistics on the challenges of living with the disease.  Early results are already giving an insight into why attitudes need to change in the medical profession, but we need to find 1,000 people to complete the survey.  The quicker we achieve this, the sooner we can publish the results into how it effects your life and ultimately generate much needed new research.

1,000 Lipoedema Ladies needed: to complete Lipoedema UK 's Big Survey. Click here

Make your voice count:  email: to request your link to the survey. 

Sharie Fetzer  (Lipoedema Lady and Re-search Co-ordinator of Lipoedema UK)

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