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DEEP OSCILLATION® for Pain, Swelling & Bruising - Approved NHS Suppliers

DEEP OSCILLATION® electrostatic massage makes it’s debut at Lipoedema Ladies 2nd Big Meet Up, Leeds Park Plaza 21st/22nd Sept 2013” 

By Mary Fickling, Director of PhysioPod ® UK Limited​

“Firstly, it was an absolute pleasure to meet with the “A Team” of Lipoedema Ladies; aka Isobel MacEwan, Jo Bird, Michelle Ellis and Cara Jones, and at last, to meet with Lipoedema UK’s lead research coordinator, the lovely and passionate, Sharie Fetzer.  We were invited to exhibit the DEEP OSCILLATION ® Personal unit, designed for self-management, the HIVAMAT 200® unit (used by therapists) and the DEEP OSCILLATION ® Evident, which is used in hospitals and some elite sporting clubs.  The atmosphere on Saturday morning was positively buzzing, to see so many ladies with the same condition, being able to talk freely and comfortably was fabulous.  I have to say it was one of the most organized events I have ever been to, so to say it was only the 2nd meet up is amazing. 

Personally, I was a little nervous to speak at such a gathering about the benefits of DEEP OSCILLATION® for lipoedema and lipo-lymphoedema, but I was made to feel very welcome and at ease by all the ladies in attendance.  My sister Julie Soroczyn, was the lady responsible for introducing this German, gentle, non-invasive, electrostatic massage therapy into the UK in 2006.  So as I was speaking, Julie worked her magic through the crowd with her treatment trolley and vibrating gloved hands.  She provided, several treatments during the talk and during the weekend, to arthritic hands and aching knees, swollen limbs and ankles, tense shoulders and painful backs; giving sometimes immediate relief to areas of tenderness, acute pain and relief to the feeling of heavy “fluidy” limbs. 

Nina Blakemore, Catwalk and Television plus size model and speaker at the event, emailed me afterwards: -

 “Thank you for the trial with the Oscillation machine - my legs have been "swishing" since the treatment, I really felt like it got everything moving once again and I felt like I was walking on air when I left - the "heaviness" that I so often feel in my legs was completely gone - truly amazing and very exciting!


I spoke to the animated crowd about the benefits and clinically proven physiological effects of the therapy and I was happy to answer questions about the way ladies would get treatment and possibly come to own their own unit.  This treatment is provided by some NHS hospitals in the UK, and by many Private Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapists, see listings  We advise all Lipoedema ladies to see a qualified MLD therapist using the therapy first for assessment and treatment to evalulate its effectiveness for them personally and to identify any possible contraindications.  On purchase of a unit, the therapist will demonstrate the way to work with the unit, initially opening and clearing lymphatic pathways ready for the increased lymph coming its way and how to work in the correct direction of lymphatic flow.


The “highlight” of the event for Julie and I was hearing the news of Sharie Fetzer, that hopefully, 50,000 UK medical professionals will soon have access to an E-Learning module all about Lipoedema and Lipo-lymphoedema and be able to diagnose the condition and advise on treatment at an early stage.  Education and research is key to finding a cure for this condition. It will be wonderful for ladies and their children, to not be given the mis-educated advice of “eat less and exercise more” and have access to the help they desperately need.


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