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Mr Ross Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Mr Ross from the W1 Plastic Surgery Clinic and Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Head of Plastic Surgery at Guy’s, St Thomas’ Hospitals and Kings College Hospital, London.

Mr Ross was the first to take the stand. He explained step by step the liposuction process that he chooses to use and what has to be taken into consideration when performing this on a patient with Lipoedema. The machine Mr Ross recommends and uses with his Lipoedema patients is not the basic liposuction machine, but the Lysonix machine which he uses to deliver the Ultrasound assisted technique.

This he explained, in experienced hands gives a much better result due to the heated cannula that actually tightens the skin as it sucks out the fat, therefor skin lifts may not be required for the patient. The heated cannula causes fat cells to combusts into a liquid, this makes the fat easier to extract and causes less damage to the surrounding tissues. This technique and machine is more costly than the basic liposuction that may be offered by the NHS hospitals, but it was very reassuring to hear using the Ultrasound assisted technique the risk of lymph damage was very slim to none-even for Lipoedema patients. Mr Ross offered an insight and answered the many questions put to him with eloquence, humility and an understanding of Lipoedema.

Should you wish to get in touch with Mr Ross or arrange a consultation you can do so on the following link  You can also find these machines in use at hospitals and private clinics in the UK and Europe, if you know of any other places, please do let us know.

Mr Ross & Cara Ashley-Jones

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