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The MLDUK is a group set up to raise awareness of MLD. The group has Manual Lymphatic Drainage Practitioners; a national and international register of MLDUK - accredited therapists as well as details of courses for those of you who might be interested in becoming therapists.
MLDUK representatives that joined us were Sally Ann and Pauline-we were in safe hands.

Sally Ann and Pauline explained the principles of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and how it helps Lipoedema patients. They next gave a demonstration of SLD, Simple Lymphatic Drainage that we can do ourselves or with a partner and pressed the importance of emptying the lymph nodes when using a pump.

The instruction was gratefully receive by the Lipoedema Ladies as a pain relief and treatment for Lipoedema that is gentle, noninvasive and can regarded as a part of a daily routine to encourage the lymph system and the health benefits this brings, such as eliminating toxins and ridding the body of excess water/fluid retention.

We learnt we can help our bodies to move the lymphatic fluid to the major nodes and then empty the nodes; this was beneficial as the lymph system in Lipoedema patients is sometimes compromised and can lead to Lipo-Lymphoedema.

More information on MLDUK can be found here

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