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Thank You! 

Lipoedema Ladies has said goodbye to 3 members of the admin team, Cara, Jo and Isobel.

Cara joined Lipoedema Ladies in 2012 about 6 months after Michelle Ellis founded Lipoedema Ladies and has been a smiley cheerful face. Cara has been a  compassionate woman and I would like to thank her on behalf of Lipoedema Ladies for the work she has done and time she has given.

Jo joined not long after and has been our treasurer for the last year. Isobel has been Cook MacEwan on the recipe pages and given us great food for thought. Thank you all three for the time and effort and we wish you all the best in the future.


Lipoedema Ladies would like to welcome Sarah Holding (3rd to the right) on to the admin team and we know the future is even brighter now for Lipoedema Ladies.



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