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Lipoedema Ladies Admin Team and Support Group

Lipoedema Ladies Admin team Joanne Bird, Cara Ashley-Jones and Michelle Ellis closed the show the raffle and plans for Lipoedema Ladies future. These included now being a non-profit organisation, raising awareness of not only Lipoedema but letting women know that Lipoedema Ladies has a fantastic support group they can be a part of.

The Lipoedema Ladies will be working closely with LipoedemaUK to raise awareness of Lipoedema and educate our NHS medics. To do this we need to raise funds and we ask ladies for ideas on how they would like to do this. We have a few media productions to look forward to that our members are the stars of and the future of Lipoedema Ladies is looking bright, in fact…BRILLIANT!

The admin would also like to take this opportunity to thank the LSN for their donation of £150 and thank the sneaky members who presented them with a beautiful bunch of flowers at the close on the day.

Left to right Cara, Michelle, Joanne the admin team and Sam Merrin who did a fantastic job organising the food and accommodation for us all.

And after the show it’s the after party… and... Well we very tired, enjoyed a meal together, a few drinks, a few tears, and lots of laughs and went to rest our aching legs!

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