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Laura's gluten free, sugar free no bake Fudge Recipe

This recipe requires a food processor.

It also requires some experimentation and taste testing as you make it.

Do not be afraid to taste the cake as you make it.  You will need to taste it as you go along to adjust the sweetness, dryness and chocolateyness of the fudge.

​The amounts of key ingredients are approximate. The size of your food processor bowl will determine how large a batch you can make at one time.

For holidays I make a double batch of this fudge and pat down firmly into a medium sized bowl and refrigerate until serving time. At serving time, invert the bowl, gently use a knife to loosen all along the sides, invert, and tap gently to unmold onto a serving plate.Top with more unsweetened cocoa powder and sesame seeds if needed. To be really decadent, if you allow yourself dairy products, top with whipped unsweetened cream.

I keep a single batch of this fudge in the fridge at all times, which I cut into squares, for a filling and healthy snack. One square of this fudge is satisfying and should not cause your blood sugar levels to spike.


Ingredients: I use a handful or so of each of non starred items.

* Starred items are options for variation and individual tastes. I buy organic nuts and seeds and dried fruits used in this recipe raw from, but you can use any source that is convenient for you. Pumpkin seedsSunflower seeds1/2 handful of Chia seeds

*WalnutsPeanut butter or almond butter or pistachio butter or cashew butter, etc.

*two tablespoons of Protein powderOne whole orange including peel----please be sure to use organic-you are using the peel alsoQuick cooking oats For sweeteners: use enough of the two folowing items to sweeten the fudge to your taste buds.


Initially, you will use more, but as you cut back on sugary sweets, you will use less and less: Dates (pitted of course, or you will blow out your food processor in a hurray)Raisins

*Dried or fresh cranberries

*vanilla--one half teaspoon if used

*Cinnamon--sprinkle if used*Cardamon powder-- sprinkle if used Unsweetened cocoa powder--this is your source of chocolate.

If you use more, your fudge will be more chocolately in taste. If you use less, it will be milder, more like milk chocolate. If you are avoiding chocolate, you skip the chocolate altogether or substitute carob powder.

Swirl all ingredients in food processor until the consistency of mortar.

Line a container with a thin layer of sesame seeds and cocoa powder.

Pat the fudge on top of the sesame seeds and cocoa powder.

Press flat.

Dust the top with a light layer of sesame seeds and cocoa powder and slice into squares, if using as fudge.

Seal the top.Refrigerate. If using as a small compact fudge cake, do not slice, but unmold after well chilled onto a serving plate.

Keeps refrigerated up to two weeks.


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