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Jill Zucker with kinesiology and Nutrition

Jill Zucker, a systematic kinesiologist and Nutritionist from London and fellow Lipoedema Lady gave an insight into the digestive system and its sensitivities.

We learnt digestive problems are so prevalent in modern society, yet they are easily dismissed and left unresolved. Many of us have harmful organisms in our digestive system such as yeasts, parasites, harmful bacteria and viruses. When the delicate balance of the intestinal environment is disturbed we become unwell. It was valuable knowledge we took away that if our clever gut is not healthy and happy, it really doesn’t matter how many good supplements, vitamins or minerals we swallow…if the gut is in turmoil it is unable to utilise this goodness.

Generous with her time, Jill explained Kinesiology is a holistic natural health care system that uses gentle, tactile muscle testing to identify and treat the underlying causes of ill health. Kinesiology combines the balancing techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern diagnostic muscle testing. Diagnostic techniques and treatment procedures identify and address the underlying causes of ill health rather than the symptoms.

A short assessment was performed on ladies that wished to partake. Muscle testing is the diagnostic tool that was used by Jill to evaluate the motor response of the central nervous system to a sensory challenge. It involves applying light pressure to a muscle and monitoring its response in the presence of a stimuli or stress. Jill was able to identify whether the root cause of the lady being tested was biochemical, structural or emotional/energetic in origin and therefore the next course of action to be taken. I think a few of us were surprised how easily we could be diagnosed and that the body could talk but not with the diagnosis, not really. Thank you Jill x

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