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We all know our medical professionals knowledge about Lipoedema leaves a lot to be desired. If you are having trouble gaining understanding and treatment for Lipoedema, here are some guidelines to help you along the way.

Your first point of call should be your GP. It may help to ask for a double appointment as time will be needed. You need to ask your GP to refer you to your nearest Lymphoedema clinic. You can find which is your nearest clinic by clicking the relevant link below, take note of the name and if it also deals with non cancer related lymphoedema also.

​If your GP is unhelpful or needs more encouragement to understand Lipoedema then please click on the button marked MEDIC TRAINING. This explains that they really should be up to date with new advancements, even though Lipoedema has been known for decades. It also has a link of what they can do if there is no service in your area.

The next step will be taken at the Lymphoedema Clinic, where you will be diagnosed with having Lipoedema or not. They may also suggest a scan to ascertain your lymph systems status also. You should take this opportunity to ask what their treatment plan will entail for you personally. You will find it helpful to take a pen and paper to record details of your chat for future referencing.

Should you be diagnosed and told that you are unable to have treatment, this is not true, if there is a treatment that can help your illness or disease, your human rights are infringed if you are denied this treatment. Return to your GP and ask him/her to contact your local PCT on your behalf explaining that you would benefit from treatment. Your next port of call will be writing a letter to your local MP and ask for a reply within two weeks. If this is unsuccessful, you raise it up to the next level and you write to your MEP, you can find your MEP by clicking the MEP button.


Good Luck and should you need more help, remember you are not alone and some Lipoedema Ladies have gone through this, you can chat to someone with experienced. Just Contact us.

How to get the treatment you deserve....

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