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Haddenham Healthcare

Jane Wigg & Rebecca

Haddenham Healthcare was represented by Jane Wigg & Natalie they were fun, hard working ladies and a pleasure to meet.

Haddenham Healthcare provide high quality Haddenham branded products and services, their customers are healthcare professionals and their patients they, supply direct to the market and in partnership with specialist distributors including the NHS.

The ladies came to introduce the new pump from Haddenham the The Flowtron Hydroven 12 System is an intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) system designed for use with 12 chamber arm or leg garments. Its unique patented inflation and deflation sequence is designed to the principles of Manual lymphatic Drainage (MLD), which aims to help clear the proximal lymphatics to assist lymph flow in the affected limb. By mimicking the sequence of pressures applied in MLD in a proximal to distal direction, progressively down the limb, the LymphAssist therapy helps to promote efficient fluid transfer through the lymphatic system. The ladies did stress the importance of emptying your major nodes before and after the pneumatic treatment and put to bed any previous worries patients or health providers may have had about earlier pumps and the force of pressure to the superficial micro lympatics that are easily damaged, the Flowtron Hydroven 12 pump has been proven to be safe and effective.

Jane and Natalie introduced the Farrow wrap a short stretch wrap which in essence does the same job as bandaging, but with the added benefits of not being as bulky and when your leg decreases in size, you can then tighten it yourself; saving time, effort and once you have mastered the simple tightening technique the need of a trip to the clinic. Farrow wrap is also available in a ‘soft’ version for those with high touch sensitivity of the leg. Throughout the day we ladies visited the loaded Haddenham stand and were impressed with the variation of support garments that were available to them and Jane and Natalie offered to measure ladies legs there and then. Lipoedema Ladies would love to see the pump in use in more clinics and some ladies are looking into purchasing one for home use. Thank You Haddenham Healthcare and Thank you Jane and Natalie x

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