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Let me begin with in the obvious place..our legs! We are Ok in the winter as we cover up, but what about holidays and summer? The biggest faux pas for those of us with Lipoedema of the lower leg are 3/4 length trousers, the reason for this is where they stop at the widest part of the leg, the crop trouser also shortens the leg. A full length trouser is  best in warmer climes as well as cold, choose a cotton or linen in a light colour to protect from insect bites (did you know that navy and black are the come hithers of the small flying world?).

If you dare to bare go for a structured short that holds your tummy without being tight on your groin area and top of the leg. We need our lymphatic system to work the best it can without restrictions.

The Arms, or the bingo wings to be precise! We are come winter, snuggly smug. But come warmer weather or a hot venue, how do we cover our arms without being hot and drawing attention to ourselves? I have the perfect soloution with 'Wingz'. These were designed by a lady with lipoedema as she was fed up with the hot shrugs and cardigans of old. Wingz have no back or front and are like floating sleeves you wear under your clothing. So you can wear them with any back or neckline on your dresses or tops.

Jeans!!! Yes shopping for jeans is up there on most womens 'hard to find' list, for those of us with Lipoedema it is at the very top. Lipoedema Ladies look best in a pair of classic jeans, a boot cut or flare is most flattering and slimming. The wiast should be a high rise to allow for the extra bulk we have and put a stop to the dreaded over spill of a muffin top. Stretch jeans with at leat 3% elastene are the most comfortable. At the moment the fashion is for skinny jeans!! This can be acheived by buying a straight leg jean with 5% elastene or more and you may find them surprisingly comfortable and supportive.

Footwear is a very personal thing and nothing will ever compare with having a pair made for you, this is costly though. We have a list of rescources where you can purchase wide foot and calf boots, wide shoes, large shoes & shoes of differing sizes left to right.

The rule of thumb (or toe) is to ensure comfort and support if you have trouble walking. For those with the need to slip on a heel, this too is attainable you foxy thing!

The most impportant rule of all is to look good - then you are seen as a well dressed woman not a woman with big legs! Dress well, dress punky, dress sexy but ensure it is of no detriment to your health x


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