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Lipoedema Flattering Dresses

If you can get a full length party dress in one colour, without pattern you are already on to a winner. Wearing one colour from shoulder to toe elongates the body and you appear taller and slimmer.

Many women who are short are told that they should stay away from full length dresses as it may swamp them, this is simply not true. If you find it hard to get a full length dress short enough for you (you can online find these dresses from 50" to 62" in length) but should you need it shorter be sure to allow yourself enough time to get it done professionally, have the footwear already decided as you will need to shorten the dress to 1 cm from the floor when wearing your shoes.

As a tall woman I think we have a much harder job finding a full length dress that is long enough for us, afterall you can shorten but you can't add on... Taller ladies will find the longer length dresses in the more formal or occasion wear retailers.

The upper of the dress would preferably have sleeves in a half or 3/4 length sleeve, full length takes away space from the shiny bangles and bracelets. If you have found the perfect dress but it is sleeveless, you have the option of wearing a shug, WingZ or a bolero. If the arm coverage is bought separately it will be difficult to get the perfect colour match, so instead of driving yourself crazy trying to find the match..Don't! Buy the Wingz or Bolero in a contrasting colour and make the outfit gel by buying an accessory that has the same colour in the design, so a belt, large necklace or bag.

The body of the dress should be where the designer has used knowledge of the female body and what is aesthetically pleasing. The neckline should be lower cut as you are covering most of your flesh elsewhere, A deep V is always pleasing, this follows the shape of the bust, allows for big eye drawing jewellery and elongates the neck.

The waist should be slightly higher than where the natural waistline is, have shape, tie backs to give shape or eye catching details.

The tummy area should have more fabric, either with ruching, side swags or more fabric throughout the skirt. This ensures it either camoflages or skims the tummy.

By M Ellis of FatPhrocks

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