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Catherine Premiered her documentary ' Lipoedema, You mean it's not my fault?' at the Big Meet in Leeds, a true gift. There were many wet eyes in the house as we sat and watched with intent. The film was very well received at the BLS conference in Birmingham on October 6th, to 300 medics working in the Lymphoedema service, NHS and privately.


Now you too can see it for yourself. It is an evolving documentary and Catherine is interested in hearing from medics and ladies that would like to take a part in this. Catheine would also like to speak with interested media parties, you can contact Catherine Seo via Lipoedema Ladies or Lipoedema Simplified.


Lipoedema Ladies are proud to be sponsoring Catherine to deliver this documentary, helping to raise awareness within the medical community and the public.


3.2 Million women in the UK alone have Lipoedema, it really is a scandal that this goes undiagnosed, unrecognised and untreated.

Catherine Seo Ph.D.

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