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'Mixing facts, fiction, personal anecdotes and lashings of comedy that had our audience totally mesmerised or in fits of giggles, Amy Godfrey has crafted a witty, cheeky and original script that’s full of outrageous remarks, hilarious sketches and inspired songs.

Amy Godfrey has always been a little bit fat. Not fat enough to get her stomach stapled on the NHS but fat enough to get directed to the maternity section in M&S. She’s been distraught, frustrated and addicted to chocolate Hob Nobs so now she’s getting hysterical…and creative.


The Biscuit Chronicles is a bright new show that tackles the sticky-fingered question of the obesity epidemic and dieting with a spoonful of skepticism and a healthy helping of laughter. Amy Godfrey and her host of comic characters guide us through the highs and lows of life in the fat lane, drawing on personal experience and posing some provocative questions. Never far from a laugh or a sensitive subject, Amy bravely bares all in the name of realistic expectations, wielding a ukulele all the way


Amy Godfrey

Biscuit Chronicles Preview

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