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Dr Alison Merrick PHD 

An outline of Bowen Technique therapy and how it may help Lipoedema. 


The Bowen Technique is one of the most versatile and effective therapeutic treatments available today. Its ability to re-align and balance the body means it is effective for most conditions. A treatment consists of a series of gentle moves on skin or through light clothing, with the client usually lying on a bed or treatment couch, although it is possible to be treated seated. A session usually lasts up to an hour and frequently results in a deep sense of relaxation, allowing the body to recharge and balance itself. Alison explained that is done by working on the fascia.


 Fascia is a plastic like material that surrounds your muscles and other soft tissues. The fascia's rubber band like qualities return your body to an original position after being elongated. Past traumas are stored in the fascia. These traumas literally warp the natural form of the fascia, and deform it, thus holding the person into the damaged position. When the fascia is 'thinned' during Bowen, the memories of those events surface and are brought to light so as to finally release the person from being held in the past quite physically. 


Alison and other Bowen Therapists are conducting a trial into the use of Bowen Technique with Lipoedema Ladies. Below is information from Alison should you wish to be involved.


Lipoedema Research   Dr Alison Merrick PhD

Would you like to be a case study?

We have started a study into the effects of Bowen Technique on Lipoedema and would like to recruit some Lipoedema Ladies who would be happy to be case studies?


What is Bowen Technique?

Bowen is a gentle, holistic therapy that originated in Australia.  It has benefitted many thousands of people around the world with a wide variety of conditions


Why Bowen may help with Lipoedema?

Bowen is a gentle therapy, and can work around painful areas

Bowen has helped people with back and joint problems, including hypermobility and arthritis

Bowen has helped with respiratory and asthma problems

Bowen has helped with hormonal issues

Bowen has helped with stress and sleep problems

Bowen is complementary, so won’t interfere with other treatments


Bowen has helped in Lymphoedema, here are some published case studies Titles/lymphoedema.html


What does the study entail?

If you wanted to be a part of the study we would try to find a therapist local to you.  You would have a course of treatment at a subsidised rate for between 6-12 months. This would be 8+ treatment sessions.  During this time you would be monitored for treatment effects and at the end of the study your data would be used anonymously to write up the study and publish as appropriate.


If you would like more information or are interested in taking part, please contact Dr Alison Merrick PhD,


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